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i was left mesmerized... [entries|friends|calendar]

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June 7th, 2006
[ mood | content ]

hahahaha oh god i just came home from longs, and while i was standing in line, the old ass lady in front of me ripped a fuckin MEAN one and pretends nothing happened. i almost died laughing...and its not like i could laugh out loud.

anyway i decided id share that with you all.

todays been pretty damn mleh.
just school.
i went to vladas funeral yesterday. it was sad.
i went on a run earlier. i feel really nice now.
i dont really know..not a lot to say. i miss alex a lot i wish he wasnt always getting into so much damn trouble.
i got a raise at legoland, and now im making 8 an hour instead of 7. that really is going from nothing to something. that makes me happy.
i'm only making 6.75 at toy depot, but its only until my 60 day probation is up.... the way i see it, you have to start somewhere. i cant expect to make bank right away.
the only jobs that happens at are ones that you get drug tested.
i couldnt pass one of those to save my life. not for the time being anyway....
i hope the weather gets better for the weekend. i wanna hit the beach. really bad.
my moms leaving to reno this friday. i gotta take her and my aunt to the airport.
i work tomorrow 3-7 and saturday 9-1. other than that, the rest of this week/ this weekend is gonna be off the chaaainnnnnnnnn.
who wants to parrtyyyy

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holy shit [Friday
June 2nd, 2006
[ mood | calm ]

i cant believe i still remembered the password for this! i miss livejournal! and venting.
....well, to whoever is still friends with me on this... IM BAAACK!
nothing much has been going on with me. chads in jail.
yeah, remember chad?
2 years ago....on my journal...buncha posts and comments and random comments talking shit and all that nonsense....
we're still talking.
& we're still on and off.
its annoying.
whatever though hes still a good friend and whatever when hes actually around and not getting locked up and shit.
i just got home from a run and i feel sooooooo good.
ive been trying to work out a lot more and not just sit on my ass and pig out all the time. ive already lost something like 11 pounds and its been like, a month and a half. ive hardly worked out though thats the crazy part...ive mostly just cut down on eating nothing but junk all the damn time. junior years almost over. yaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! i'm definately way ready for that.
there was another death at my school a couple days ago. a friend/acquaintance of mine named vlada. she was such an amazing person its so sad.
its crazy cause the death last year was like, almost exactly a month before the one a couple days ago...
my highschool is cursed.
after school today, i went to the beach with mehgie. it was chill. we just layed there and got darker..[well, i did] and then some random college guys tried to get us to go their bbq in cardiff....
since ive last been on here, i got a job at rubios, bailed, got a job a legoland [seasonal] and im going back summer, and today i got called back by toy depot and i start work there thursday. chill! i'm excited to start rolling in the dough again.
while i worked at legoland i met some really chill people.
i met this girl named brittany & shes my homie, and this hot assss guy named andrew.
who i have now offically gotten down with twice. yessssssss.
then he calls me and tells me he misses me.
awwwwwww yeah.
it was weird how me and him came to be homies....it really was. i just like, went up to him one day on my lunch and told him to eat lunch with me. then we talked and shit and both were into smoking pot...and 420 was coming up. the first day we both got off at the same time was on 420, so we seshed together. it was SO fun. hahah then i went up on his birthday and i got alllll faded and got down for the first time. chiiiiiiilllllllllllll.
also, me and alex are still best friends in the world, even though hes acting kinda weird lately, and its awesome.

after a little under 2 years of being friends, weve both managed to ruin one of eachothers relationships. and up until very very recently, had not touched in any affectionate way. actually, fuck that. the only time we did was recently when he was rolling balls. and we just made out. doesnt count.
moving right along, im really gross and sweaty. i should probably shower now.

PSPS---i'm probably going to delete all of the friends i had way back in the day cause nobody even like, knows/remembers me, but if you wanna stay friends just comment this entry i guess so i know!


this is me now.
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August 27th, 2005

who got the job at rubios?!


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August 23rd, 2005
i woke up w/ like, the worst migrane i've ever gotten.

i ate some breakfast with my mom

she made me a chorizo con huevo burrito & gave me a glass of jamaica & then some apple sauce.

i told her how bad my head hurt.

she asked me if my vision was all kinds of weird last night.

i said yes.

she said its for sure a migrane & then gave me two pills.

it's called tramadol.

it fucks with you BIG time.

so i'm under the impression i can come back into my room & sleep it off.

i lay back down, then my alarm goes off.


i have an interview in less than an hour, & i feel ALL KINDS of fucked up in the head already.

i feel like i'm really high & really drunk.

this should be interesting.
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August 19th, 2005

i dont even know.

im going to the lake tomorrow.


IM GOING WITH JAMES! yaayyyy = ]

i'm excited.

i even cleaned my room cause im gona pick him up in the morning and bring him here before my dad drives us to the lake.

i'd drive, but my mommy doesnt want me to cause i'd have to take the same creepy freeway where that one kid from a highschool near mine died.

that's enough to convince me not to do it.

i'm so bored.

August 3rd, 2005
i like himmmmmmmmmmmmm = [

but, im just a friend.

i'm not good enough.

go figure
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July 20th, 2005

nows the time when i vent.

i had an interview @ journeys in north county fair yesterday, and it went really well. i know by friday if i get the job or not.

today, i got a phone call about working at some little pizza place, and i turned it down, cause i #1 dont want to work in food and #2 am pretty confident about the job at the mall.

my mom, on the other hand, didnt like my decision cause its not convenient for her.
its like, not even a matter of convenience for her. i have my license, i can drive myself.
shes determined she wont be left carless, so i told her when she needed the car to go places that i would just leave an hour early and take the bus to and from.

she said its not that easy.
i said it never is with her.

she said she thought that being my mom, shes supposed to help me with my decisions.
i said keyword help, not criticize.

she's not talking to me.

i give it until friday, when i find out whether i got the job or not, for her to start talking to me again.

if i dont get it, then she will talk to me again, just to rub it in my face that she was right.
if i do get it, shes going to speak to me just to rub the fact that im probably going to have to take the bus to and from work cause she wont be inconvenienced.

moral of story...


who even does that cold shoulder bullshit anymore?
way to be mature mom.
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July 8th, 2005

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July 8th, 2005
[ mood | giggly ]

so my wakeboarding trip was fun.

i hurt the hell out of my arm though.
it's slowly recovering.

i think...


today @ 3 PM is my road test.

if i pass, i get my license.
if i fail, im staying under my bed for 2 weeks till i can take it again.

my driving instructor on my last behind the wheel said i'd to perfectly fine.
that made me feel a little better.

this summers been pretty...well...
ill, son.


hahah yeah ive been like seriously hobo-ing it, and i love it.

after/if i get my license, im joining this boxing gym here in poway.
million dollar baby status.
nobody like, thinks im going to go through with it.
that shit pisses me off like CRAZY!
school sports arent for me...
i say FUCK the teamwork.
i want it all for me.
= ]

plus like, what better feeling in the WORLD is there after you beat the living shit out of something/someone?

thats what i thought.

anyways yeah.
tomorrow some friends from LA are coming down.
i dont really wana even see them.
at all.
but whatever..
i guess we're going to the beach the TJ.
and yes, for the record, i am completely broke.
i guess its chill though! i'll fit right in in TJ.

i need to get a job.
i want to work at the mac counter @ nordstrom.

= / too bad im too young.

oh well.
i just need a job. end of story.

i wanna save up money and buy soem green and yellow hair extensions, and put them in with my red ones!!! XD

yeah, rasta status.
what you know about that, son?

i also want this 70 dollar necklace off sherides.com
i will get it.

i actually don't have any pictures to post this time around..and because of that, i highly doubt this entry'll even be commented. but, its chill.



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haaaaay [Thursday
June 30th, 2005
[ mood | excited ]

hahah whats uppp.
im leaving tonight for a 5 day wakeboarding trip.
i'm excited.
not much else to say.


hi i'm andrea and i'm a camera whoreCollapse )

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June 10th, 2005
[ mood | giggly ]

hello my old friends!
nothing new here.
i'm sick.
and i have no life, so thisCollapse ) is how i spend my friday afternoons...

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June 4th, 2005
oh i donno.

nothing new.
and that for serious.

tonight im going to a family/dog bonfire on fiesta island.

that sounds oh so exciting.

how has everybody been?
what's everybody been up to?!
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lots of pictures [Friday
April 29th, 2005
[ mood | sleepy ]

not all of these are too flattering but, im done hiding...
this is meCollapse )

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April 10th, 2005
hitting the gravity bong:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
dying afterwards:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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April 9th, 2005
[ mood | curious ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
she's baaaackCollapse )

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April 1st, 2005
[ mood | indifferent ]

anyways, hi!
hahaha. no update in a while. i'm waiting for my tio to get here, then im gonna go spend the weekend in chula vista.
the hampster i got for my birthday got out of his cage last night. =[ i still cant find him. i'm very sad about that. hm. i don't know what else to say. birthday was lame x 1413513531530875. spring break in 1 more week. thannkk yoouuuu gooooodddd. i'm going to the beach! fun! yeah. okay, i have absolutely nothing to say.
what's everyone else doing this weekend?

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March 25th, 2005
[ mood | crazy ]


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March 19th, 2005
[ mood | lovey..AGAIN! ]

6 days until my birfdayy.
as you can see, im starting to update a lot more. =]

everything is perfect

i ♥ it

today, i have a party to go to up in sun city, and other than that, with this not so great weather, i've got extensive computer work to do, and extensive amounts of video games to play.


as an early birthday present, my brother got me a HAMPSTER!!!
i named him cheebie and he's so little and SO cute!

i swear its the little things in life that make me happy...

for my birthday...i want the first season of the OC.
and money, so i can buy a new music device.
and, balloons and flowers.
to make me feel speshal.
OH! and AWESOME eyeshadow colors.

i havent taken ANY pictures of myself lately. like, AT ALL.
i'm over it.
i'll leave the camera whoring to the hot people.


airbands next tuesday night.
no school wednesday.
OC thursday night.
birthday friday!!!

that's how next week's going to go.

i have this canker sore and it sucks. hurts like craaaaazy.

i'll update later.
probably after the party...
i'll make sure my mom takes pictures

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March 17th, 2005
[ mood | lovey ]

the OC is on soon! yay.
nothings better.
wiped out my hard drive...
my computers still fucking up.
i think i'll just let my dad do it.
i get too mad way too easily and dont want to put up with it.
i have pain in all parts of my body.

and i have like growing pains in my calves.
now i sit here, drugged up on furinol, eating goldfish and drinking water.
the pains bound to leave any minute now...
im almost done with the bag...
i was supposed to wait till the OC started.
ive got all of tomorrow night and saturday morning for my computer to be worked on.
and tonight when my dad gets home.

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March 16th, 2005
[ mood | bored ]

i'm so bored of everything.
-wake up early
-get ready
-go to sleep late
this mediocrity is killing me. i need something new. for a while there, i was moving to vegas, and i was actually really excited about that, but now, it's not going to happen. i don't know dude. i'm so blah. nothing has developed between name and james [basketball guy]
i'm beginning to think nothing will.
today was the last day of the CA highschool exit exams for all sophmores, and let me just say that i think my IQ dropped 10 points after even taking it. my birthdays next friday the 25th. my sisters moving to pomona the 26th. thank god, but not. thank god that her annoying ass will no longer be present in my house, jewing me of the money she owes me because she has to "pay tuitions and other important stuff, such as her hair and eyebrow appointment."
her half baked ambitions is fucking my family over and putting the rest of us farther into debt.
i went to lunch with her and my aunt on sunday at the cheesecake factory in fashion valley [by the way abe i was trying to figure out where the fuck the subway would be so i could pop in and say hi] and all she did was talk about herself and how shes the most responsible person she knows and everybody envies her. tooting her own horn much? then she decided to make a comment about how my mom is so irrisponsible with her money and pays a thousand dollars for her two dogs [my weimeraner puppies] and doesnt even pay my sisters tuition. my mom never does anything for herself, and never buys anything for herself, so finally she does, and is very happy, and my sister goes and makes it about herself. she's so selfish.i fucking want to kick her teeth in. she makes me SO mad.
so i'm not expecting anything from anybody for my birthday, and most likely not even a party.

this time last year, i had my terrible case of mono and was hospitalized.
i didn't get much of a celebration then either.
i don't even want anything for my birthday.
my ipod got stolen out of my backpack and i was so pissed i cried. then realized cryings not going to bring it back. instead, im going to buy a new music source, but NOT an ipod. there's too many of them. as of this friday, my sister owes me 100 dollars. hopefully, i'll be able to make 200-250 by the end of this month so i can buy the new one.
i feel so guilty telling my parents someone stole it, especially cause right now my families really tight with money.
i'm not too sure what to do at this point.

i need something new in my life.

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